Saturday, March 2, 2013

Going Green with Crochet Body Puffs

I have been looking for a way to start being more green. I decided to start with something simple, body puffs. Normally I would buy a body puff every one to two months as they get gross. A crochet body puff you can wash them and dry them. They instantly become brand new. You can wash them with your regular laundry once or twice a week depending on when you do your laundry (Tip: You can stick them in with your towel loads).

I did a search for patterns the other day, I found three different sizes (Medium, large and X-large). I decided to work all three up and test them out.

Pattern for Medium & Large is found here:
Medium & Large Body Puff

Pattern for X-Large is found here:
 X-Large Body Puff
Medium-Shower tested and approved
The medium & large sizes worked up in little over a hour. They used from a half a ball to one ball of 2.5 ounce of Sugar'n Cream cotton yarn. I found the pattern to be easy to understand. The only thing I found that when you do the first round of the pattern, making a ring that you need to work around the hanging chain instead of just in the 3 chain ring you make. If you don't the chain is off to the side instead of in the middle of your work. However, I don't think this will matter once the puff is completed as this becomes hidden...I am a perfectionist though:) I love how both sizes came out.

I tested the medium size in the shower...I found that when you first use it that it needs to be soaked in water before it takes an body wash/soap. Once the puff is soaked it does make suds, if it is too dry the body wash/soap is absorbed. I did notice that hanging chain becomes stretched due to the weight of the water in the puff when you hang it up. I would probably double the chain next time I make one so, it is less likely to snap from use. The shape of the puff does hold up to the normal scrubbing use.

Large-I used three different color cotton yarns to give it a multicolored look.

The X-large size worked up in about three hours. The Puff used two balls of 2.5 ounces of Sugar'n Cream cotton yarn. I loved that there was a larger sizer available as I love the big puffs. I had the same size in the store bought body puff in my shower. I loved how it looked when it was finished too.

I did find that in the shower the shape didn't hold up after it was wet which was a bummer. I think it was possibly my stitching as I tend to over exaggerate my tension. I used to be very tight with my tension so, to compensate I would pull out the loop more when crocheting (It has become a habit). I also had to set the puff on the ledge of my shower instead of hanging it up as it was too heavy with water to hang it up with the chain.

X-large- I did one half of the last row a different color to give it the two tone look.

Over all these patterns are Hooking Rainbows approved.

I do want to shout out to Jessie at Home & Add Some Stitches for providing the patterns for free on their blogs!

Happy going green everyone!

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