Sunday, March 31, 2013

My Vacation Projects!

I have been on vacation the last week or so just relaxing and an being with family! Since I was relaxing I decided to take a break from pattern making to make a few items from other people's patterns.

My first project was a crochet shirt from a book I bought a few weeks back.

You can find the listing on Amazon-Crochet that Fits

I did the edging on the arms and  bottom of the shirt different then the it called for a Picot stitch but, mine came out too spaced apart. So I did this instead:

1 Sc, 2 Hdc, 2 Dc, 2 Tc, 2 Dc, 2Hdc, 1 Sc in the 5 ch space.

Sc-Single crochet
Hdc-Half Double Crochet
Dc –Double crochet
Tc-Tipple crochet

I think it came out pretty good for my first try at making clothing.

My second project was this cute little penguin amigurumi from another pattern book.

You can also find this listing on Amazon-Super Cute but, I found it in the store at a much cheaper price.

I used different yarn then the pattern called for since I didn't want to get up from my comfy chair to make a yarn store trip. I used:

Vanna's Choice Duckie for the beak instead of the yellow crochet thread 
Sugar n' cream  cotton White for the head and belly areas
Pound of Love Pastel blue-this was split really bad 
Red heart black for the feet.

I also used buttons for the eyes.

My third Project is still a work in progress and I am hopping to be done today. I still wanted to share with all of my readers. I know i have been focusing on crochet projects but, this one is actually my first fabric project here on the site so here it is:

A cute Owl pillow set:

I saw this photo the other day and really thought it was cute. I decided I wanted to make one. I free handed the cut out of the owl form and I have pinned it up to get ready for sewing. Hope to have my process on how I put it together soon.

Happy projects!

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