Saturday, October 31, 2015


It has been a while but, I am starting back in with blogging. What have been doing over the past two years? Well that is long road so, I will give you the summary. Around the time I stopped blogging I got discouraged with my weight, our home situation and some personal family matters. I will discuss only two of these topics.

Our home situation was that we lived in a apartment where we were on the second floor with a toddler that walked at running speed. Our downstairs neighbor was not very understanding. They would get upset if we even walked a couple of steps from our kitchen to our bedroom. The apartment tried to fix the floor boards but, we still got noise complaints (we couldn't tell our child  to not walk or play as he should be able to). Due to this and other apartment issues we decided to make the move. It took us a few months but, we bought a lovely house with plenty of room for our son to play and be happy. My sons smile made all the difference in my happiness.

However, my weight had creaked up on me and i was pushing 230...I had lost about 30 pounds after my son was born (I had gained about 100 pound during pregnancy). I was eating horribly due to stress. I also couldn't exercise in my apartment due to the downstairs neighbor. The situation was getting to me and I felt awful. When we finally got the house I was so happy, I made an appointment with my doctor who cleared me for exercise. They first two weeks were horrible; I was so out of shape but, in those two weeks I lost 30 pounds. It made me feel confident that I could do this exercise thing. I did my own running workouts for two months but, I started to become bored with it (I hit a plateau). I remembered I bought P90X a Beachbody program right after I had my son so, pulled it out and popped in the DVD's after that. They were fun, new and just what i needed to kick start some healthy habits. On top of that they really worked! I went on to do many of the Beachbody programs Insanity, Beast, PIYO, TurboFire, 21 fix/extreme and other programs with Jillian Michael's. I lost a total of almost 100 pounds (only two pounds away)-My last weigh in was at 132. Now in the last few months my husband and I have been trying for another baby. Here is hoping that will happen soon.

I mainly wanted to get back to blogging to share not only my crochet patterns and sewing projects but, my exercise/diet experience and ideas to help others lose weight and keep it off.

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132  pounds (front view) Sept 2015
132 pounds (side view) Sept 2015

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