Thursday, February 7, 2013

It's a mystery-Part 3!

There were a few kinks that needed to be worked out for part 3. Even with testing, things like this can get through! My husband always says the same thing about video games...there maybe some issues that get through testing but, they can be fixed with a patch. That is kinda what happened with the pattern.

Here is the story:

 Row 12 included an abbreviation Spd st that I had never seen before.Which I found out within a few minutes of asking the designer herself. Spd st if you don't know is a spider stitch which is a sc, ch 1, sc into the same stitch. Once I found that out I was off to start part 3 of my mystery item.

However, my brain was against me...It had me thinking one thing and the pattern was saying another thing. I kept wondering why I had more Spd st then the 19 the pattern stated. I think I stared at the pattern for most of the day yesterday until it clicked....I needed to add an additional skip stitch so, 2  in-between the Spd.

Once I got through all that, I got hung up AGAIN on row 24! The pattern originally had a shell st into the chain space of the Spd st. The issue was there was no Spd st to put the shell st in....all issues are now fixed with the pattern though, yay! 

Check out the changes: 

Part 3

Here is my part 3:

I think it is a bonnet, what do you think?

 If you want to participate, here is my link post from yesterday for the CAL:

Instructions, part 1 & part 2

Happy hooking!

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