Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Luck of the D Purse-Part 2

It has been crazy around here, I swear my son is bouncing off the walls! I have had to stop every few seconds just to finish this part of the project. Anyhow hopefully without further interruptions, here is part two of this Luck of D Purse...Enjoy.

Skill Level-Easy

What you will need:
Hook Size E-4.00-3.50 mm
Worsted weight yarn-Color B
Needle to weave in ends

Sk Sp-Skip Space
Sc-Single crochet

Luck of the D Purse-Part 2

Row 1-7

Find a open 3 Sk Sp at the to of the purse, from the inside of the purse attach your color B to the outside Sp of the three St.

Sc 5 in the 3 Sk St Sp (do this 7 times, Ch 1 each time between rows). Fasten off and pull work though hole to the outside of the purse. Note: Make sure there is a long enough string to for sewing & weaving in your ends.

Go to the next open 3 sk sp.

Once all 10 Sp are completed pull the Color C tabs through the holes to the outside of the purse.

Attaching the purse to the handles:

Take your Color C tabs and insert them through the handles...do one side at a time. With your string sew them to the other side of the tab and sew to the top of the Color A 3 Sk St space (this is so the hole will not show). Once done weave in your ends. Do this for both sides.

My next post will be on how to attach a fabric lining into Luck of the D Purse.

Happy Sewing! 

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