Saturday, February 2, 2013

Mardi Gras Bead Projects

A few days ago a friend came to me and asked: "What do i do with all these Mardi Gra beads I have from my vacation?" She wanted to keep them for memory sake but, didn't want to just stick the bag full in her closet to collect dust. I quickly did some Pinterest searching. There were a few ideas that came up-
coasters, center pieces, wine glass decorations, mirror ornaments, up-cycling an old lamp....The list can go on. It was decided that we would try center pieces and wine glass decorations due to the fact there is no glue gun involved. Simple and easy...Here what you need to DIY:

Vase/Wine glasses
Mardi Gras bead necklaces
Fake flowers-you can use real flowers but, they would need to have a flower water tube/ flower replaced out occasionally.
Scissors: optional

For center pieces:

Pick the color scheme you want...I chose a three scheme pattern.

Gold, pink and black
Purple, blue and green

Add your color bead necklaces into the vase in any order...Do not fill to the top until you add the flowers!

Make sure the flowers are the proper size...Using the scissors cut to the desired length.

Wrap beads around the flowers and add them to the vase.

Now you have a perfect center piece for any occasion. 

For wine glasses:

Take one Mardi Gras bead necklace and one wine glass. Wrap the beads around the wine glass stem. And you're done!

Quick and easy way to liven up your home for guests!

The beads can be taken off the stem for dish washing purposes!

Hope you enjoy the Hooking Rainbows Project! Stay tuned for more fun with beads...There are still plenty left over!
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