Thursday, November 12, 2015


Today is a early day for me...up at the crack of dawn (3 am) to post on my blog, exercise and then off to the dentist after i drop my son off at school. Okay I am awake, lets get started.

Workout stats:
1:33:41 Time
601 (Polar) 375 (Fitbit) Calories
125 Avg HR
176 Max HR
32:49 In zone

Daily stats (Fitbit):
54 Resting Heart rate
7,551 Steps
3.21 Miles
2,044 Calories burned
12 Floors
53 Active mins
98.8 Basel Temp

Consumed Food/Calories:
Before workout-
Peanut butter granola bar/190
After workout-
Chocolate Vega one Shake(1 scoop)/170
1/2 Bagel/135
1 TBSP peanut butter/95
Morning Snack 1-
1 OZ Nuts/170
Morning Snack 2-
1 cup of Greek yogurt 0%/140
3 Strips of bacon/132
Afternoon Snack 1-
1 cup of Green peppers/30
Afternoon Snack 2-
1/2 apple/58
1 TBSP peanut butter/95
Flour Tortilla/140
3 eggs scrambled/156
1/3 cup of Mexican cheese/110

1,731 Total calories/ 1,200 Calories for target weight loss. Lets put this into perspective, in order for me to reach target weight loss eating 1,731 calories I would need to burn about 1,200 calories (137 x 11=1,507+1,200(burned calories)=2,707-1,000 (deficient)=1,707. However, I like that i am kinda of doing a wave with my calories and not eating the same calorie count daily which helps with weight loss (keeps your body guessing).

Cardio warm up:
Insanity Max Interval Plyo (length about 55 mins)

PIYO Upper Body (18:48)-Wow really short

What you need:
Yoga mat

Full Body Fusion (8:20)-
On all fours, cat and cow (repeat).
Child pose
Tricep push ups (4 times)
Child pose
walk hands back to feet and roll up
Curl, right left, plank, 2 tricep push ups, walk back, roll up and squat (repeat 2 times).
Elbow plank and pike (repeat 2 times)
Lower on your back and criss cross abs left and right (multiple times).
Resting on back
Roll up from floor and extend forward, scoop abs and back (repeat 3 times).
PIYO pedal (repeat multiple times)

Core & More (7:23)-
Right side plank holds
PIYO pike and extend up (repeat 3 times)
Child pose
Left side plank holds
PIYO pike and extend up (repeat 3 times)
Half boat and v sit
knee tuck Roll back
v sit and knee tuck roll back (repeat)
extended legs and roll back (repeat)
Bent Knee down dog (beast) with hand taps
Cross knee and kicks (repeat)
Wide push ups (4 times)
child pose

Strength Series (2:54)-
Tricep push ups (repeat 3 times)
child pose
Crouching position holds/Crouching crow push up (two on each side) (repeat again)
Child pose
Tricep push ups (repeat 3 times)
child pose

There was no cool down...I was not very happy with this workout (too short and not enough calorie burn). I liked a lot of the moves it had but, i felt this was more of a total body (abs, arms, core  and legs) workout more so than an only upper body workout. I also didn't feel it got my heart rate up at all...this workout only accounted for 100 calories of the 601 calories I burned on my polar monitor. I think it could have been a better workout if they put a little more effort in it.

Tomorrow i will be doing day 12 PIYO drench. Hope you will join me.

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