Thursday, November 5, 2015


Workout stats (I wear two heart rate monitors-Fitbit and Polar):
1:41:58 Time
486 calories (Polar) 563 calories (Fitbit) (When I am about to get my monthly friend my Polar has lower calories burned, where as, my Fitbit has higher numbers. I will start including both so, you can see the difference)
Avg HR 110
Max HR 169
In zone 26:05

Daily stats:
60 resting heart rate (As you can see it has reduced by 1 which means only one thing-Not pregnant this month-Low and behold monthly friend this morning)
13,280 steps
6.34 miles
2,187 calories burned
12 floors
66 active mins
98.2 Basel temp (yesterday it was 98.8 so, it dipped)-I am going to start adding this one to keep track (Day 1)

Warm up run (4.5 miles):
1 mile 5.0 speed
1 mile 5.5 speed
1 mile 6.0 speed
.5 mile 6.5 speed
.5 mile 7.0 speed
.5 mile reduce speed by .5 every .10 of a mile

PIYO-Define: Lower body (22 mins length)

What you need:
Yoga mat
Chair (you only need this for modification)
Yoga block(s)-This was not on the equipment needed list but, for a few of the moves in the balance series you might need one or two for modification.

This was basically a yoga workout, not really defining lower body alone-More like a good stretch for all muscles. Stretching can help define muscles more efficiently as it lengthens and leans out the muscle structure however, one thing to remember your not going to sweating buckets.

Here were the phases:
warm up & Heat Building series
Circle arms, bend knee squat, side bends
PIYO cross (round, open and side step)
fan down and fold in half, half lift
alternating bent calf raise, repeat and roll up

Fan up and fold
Plank, hold, tricep push up on knees
Down dog
*Step right and left and roll up
fold in half, plank, chaturanga, tricep push up and down dog
Repeat from *
High lunge right (lower and lift with arms)
low lunge
down dog
High lunge left(lower and lift with arms)
low lunge
Plank, down dog

Warrior series
warrior 1, lift and lower
warrior 2, lift and lower
triangle, circle arm
low lunge
repeat same side
down dog (child pose if needed)
do opposite side (they only did this side once which I thought was weird, I thought i missed something. I think it was a screw up that they didn't catch in editing) I recommend stopping the workout and doing this side twice-you need to have a balance on both sides.

Balance series
warrior 3
half moon
Three point, crow crunches times 3
Repeat on other side

Down dog series

Fan arms, half bend, plank
Chaturanga, up dog (if you want to make it more challenging you can add a tricep push up in here)
*Down dog
Raise right leg, split flex foot (open hip-point toe)
Repeat one more time on right leg
Repeat from *to opposite leg twice
down dog
child pose

This was a good stretch but, I was expecting more of a strength workout then a stretch workout. However, i see what they were trying to do, basically leaning out the muscles to define them more which is definitely in the name. It also didn't burn a ton of calories but, it helps to build the muscle correctly instead of them being overly bulky.

Tomorrow I will be doing day 5 of the Beast/PIYO hybrid-Beast: build shoulders.

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