Wednesday, November 4, 2015


Day 3 of Beast/PIYO hybrid, Beast-Build Back/Bis. I loved this one for the pull ups alone. Pull ups are by far my favorite workout. Pull ups can be challenging at first so, i will share how I built up my muscles to be able to do the pull ups as i do now. I currently use ankle weights 2 pounds on each ankle to increase my body weight...I plan on increasing as i go alone.

Here are my workout stats:
time: 2:00:03
Calories: 713
Avg HR: 121
Max HR: 182
In zone: 52:19

Overall for the day (These number are not all accurate since I had to charge my Fitbit):
61 resting heart rate
9,679 steps
4.58 miles
1,916 calories burned
3 floors
43 active mins

How i started to train for pull ups:

At first i didn't have a pull up bar so, i used a door attachment with pull down bands for a few months. I kept increasing my weight resistance and reps over a course of 6 months till i got to the black band which is extra heavy (about 16-20 lbs). At that point i needed more so, i bought a pull up bar. When i first tried it, I couldn't pull myself up or do even one pull up. To keep advancing i used a chair (you can use an assistance band too) to help me due the pull ups, increasing reps as i got stronger. I was able to pull myself up without assistance after a few months to do a few at time. I increased reps till i decided to add ankle weights for more weight resistance.    

                      My warm up:
2 mins 3 speed at 0% incline
2 mins 3.3 speed at 3% incline
2 mins 3.6 speed at 5% incline
2 mins 4.0 speed at 8% incline
2 mins 4.5 speed at 8% incline
2 mins 5.0 speed at 10% incline
2 mins 5.5 speed at 12% incline
2 mins 5.5 speed at 14% incline
2 mins 5.6 speed at 15% incline
.50 of a mile at 6 speed and 0% incline
.50 of a mile at 6 speed and 2% incline
.50 of a mile at 6.5 speed and 0% incline
.50 of mile at 6.5 speed and 2% incline
slowly decrease speed by .5 every .05 of a mile

Beast-Build Back/Bis (Length about 50 mins)

Here is what you need:
Bench or stability ball, Pull up bar or bands with door attachment, weights (light, medium and heavy) and EZ curl bar w/weighted plates (optional, instruction without).

Warm up (2:43)-Light jog, Arm circles, plank walks/holds, dead lifts with light weights, bend over rows, reverse flys and light jog. 

My workout stats below:

Cool down- (1:38) pull arm side bends, Lat stretches and biceps stretches.

I also did a quick 10 min stretch for all my other muscles cause my legs were like jelly from the day before. This workout was pretty fun. It really got my heart pumping doing the pull ups.

Tomorrow will be my first PIYO workout so, I hope you will all join me.

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