Sunday, November 8, 2015


It is the last day of this week so, the results are in....Drum roll....I lost 1 pound. Not too shabby as the recommended normal weight loss is 1 to 2 pounds a week, although I have lost more than that in a week before. I took pictures and noticed a few things, this trying to get pregnant is not helping my belly fat (I am getting lower mommy tummy again but, at least my abs are starting to shape)-It really is the stress and what I am eating. I have decided that I will include what I am eating plus how many calories I am consuming in my posts. This will 1) hold me accountable and 2 ) help me understand where i need to modify my diet to get results. I was doing this before i took my two weeks off, i guess it is time to get back to it....not that it is bad to have a cookie or fast food every once in a while just not every day or every week (Also not good for trying to get pregnant either). I also decided that i need to change up my daily cardio since I have been sick. I have all this junk in my lungs so need to somehow get it to vacate-extreme cardio is usually what helps me with that. I will still run cause i love running but, i am going to add some Insanity/extreme workouts to the mix this week. I will go back to running the next week to see the difference and to slow down a bit before ovulation time. Abs too to attack that lower mommy tummy...

Workout Stats:
1:56:58 Time
754 (polar) 507 (Fitbit) Calories (As you see the Fitbit has a lower calorie count-this due to it not being really accurate if you do workouts that don't include mostly running).
126 Avg HR
186 Max HR (my maximum heart rate for my age is 189-This means if i go over this number i shouldn't stay in it for very long)
26:37 In zone

Daily Stats (I also charged my Fitbit, this always screws the numbers-wish there was a better way to charge it or not have to charge it):
57 Resting Heart Rate
7,982 Steps
3.45 Miles
2,025 Calories burned
7 floors
67 Active mins
98.5 Basel temp

Cardio warm up:

I did Insanity Max 30-Cardio challenge (it is about 33 mins)

Beast Tempo Chest & Tris (about 53 mins)

What you need:
Bench or Stability ball
Weights (light to medium since you will be doing slow reps)
EZ curl bar (optional)
Mat (was not included on the list but, I used this to do the ab exercises)

Warm up (2:34):
Jog, arm circles, cuff rotations, plank walks, close grip push ups (or tricep push ups), normal push ups, wide push ups, Jog.

My workout stats:

Cool Down (1:52):
Chest stretch, Tricep stretch, and interlocked chest stretch.

Cardio cool down:
I did 1 mile of easy walking (about 4 to 5 speed) and stretching out my legs on the treadmill (about 10 mins).

Tomorrow I hope you will join me for PIYO core!

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