Tuesday, November 3, 2015


Day 2 of the Beast/PIYO hybrid, Beast-Build legs! This one got me sweating buckets and my heart rate up...I will take more pictures and weight in at the end of the week. I am still trying to figure out how to take pictures/video of myself doing the workouts so, bare with me.

Here are my workout stats:
Time: 1:44:11
Calories: 670
Average HR: 125
Max HR: 179
In zone: 56:00 mins

Overall for the day:
61 resting heart rate
15,280 steps
7.13 miles
2,434 calories burned
8 floors
57 active mins

warm up-3.5 mile
1 mile at 5 speed
1 mile at 5.5 speed
.5 mile at 6 speed
.5 mile at 6.5 speed
.5 mile slowing down every .10 mile

Beast- Build Legs (length about 39 mins)

What you need:
Bench or stability ball, EZ curl bar with weighted plates (optional), medium to heavy weights.

The EZ curl bar is optional since they allow you to use dumbbell wights-the workout provides you with a demonstration of how to use the dumbbells for the exercise that use the EZ curl bar.

The warm up for this workout about 1:20 mins was high knees, knee circles, reverse lunges, sumo squats and then back to high knees. This warm up was much better then the Build chest and Tris on day 1-I actually felt warmed up since i had cooled down some after i stopped running. The cool down was about 2:10 mins Calf stretch, quad stretch and hip flexor stretch. I really enjoyed this workout, it definitely burned more calories. The awesome part was I was somewhat sore, this usually doesn't happen. Embrace the change people.

The pictures below are what i used for weights and did for reps for each exercise dunning the workout. Tomorrow I will review Beast-Build Back and Bis (this one has pull ups which are my favorite.

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