Tuesday, November 10, 2015


Workout stats:
1:31:44 Time
603 (Polar) 356 (Fitbit)Calories
127 Avg HR
181 Max HR
24:36 In zone

Daily stats (Fitbit):
57 Resting Heart Rate
9,345 Steps
3.9 Miles 
2,152 Calories Burned 
19 Floors
39 Active Mins
98.1 Basel Temp

Consumed Food/Calories:
Before workout-
Peanut Butter granola bar/190
After workout-
Chocolate Vega one shake (1 scoop)/170
1/2 bagel/135
1 TBSP peanut butter/95
Morning Snack 1-
Cheese stick/60
Morning Snack 2-
1 cup of Greek Yogurt 0%/140
1 Hard boiled egg/78
1/2 cup of strawberries/24
Afternoon Snack 1-
1 cup of Green peppers/30
Afternoon Snack 2-
1 cup of Celery/7
1 cup of carrots/52
1 cup of chicken/ 231
1 cup of mixed veggies/118

1,440 Total calories/1200 calories Target for weight loss (If i bump up workout calorie burn then i should be where i need to be-I can still work on the type of food/calorie intake just a tad).

On another note, first day of my Clomid pills again (this is the third time I have taken them). Here hoping this will be the month if not I get to increase my dosing again for next month. Yay, the emotional roller coaster begins.

Cardio warm up:
Insanity Max 30-Max out sweat (length about 33 mins with cool down)

Beast Temp Back & Bis (Length about 49 mins)-

What you need:
Bench or stability ball
Chin up bar (Chair or pull up assistance band-Optional)
Weights (light to medium weight as these are slow reps)
EZ curl Bar with weighted plates (optional)

Warm up (2:00):
Slow jog, arm circles, plank walks/holds, weighted dead lifts, weighted bend over rows, weighted reverse flys, fast jog.   

Here are my workout sheets:

This time I added 3 pound ankle weights to the pull ups-To make this harder you can do sets for each type of pull up (add or reducing ankle weights). For example, Pull ups (10 reps (2 pound ankle weights), 10 reps (3 pound ankle weights) & 8 reps (no ankle weights or increase ankle weights), Chin ups (same), Wide grip pull ups (same)& tricep pull ups (same). On the all angle bicep single set I think this could have been actually three different single sets. They had wide grip bicep curls for 15 reps, Close grip for 12 reps and reverse grip for 8 reps. What i did was three sets of each type (15 reps (8 pound weight), 12 reps (10 pound weight) and 8 reps (12 pound weight). This workout they had a lot of hanging crunches which are really great on the abs. The hanging abs were definitely my favorite parts of the workout. 

Cool down (1:44):
Arm pull side bends, lat stretch and tricep extension stretch.

I also did some additional quick stretches to fully cool down.

Tomorrow I will be doing PIYO Buns. Hope you will join me.

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