Wednesday, November 18, 2015

DAY 16 & DAY 17-MENU

I took two days off from exercise so that i was sure I would ovulate this month-I was afraid all the exercise would stop ovulation (didn't want to take any chances). During those two days I felt awful, headaches and extremely hungry...I really hate taking time off from exercising but, i am hoping that i did actually ovulate and I get pregnant this time. I did miss two workouts that were scheduled in my BEAST/PIYO Hybrid workout but, you can see what i did for them on Week 1-BEAST-BUILD LEGS & BEAST-BUILD SHOULDERS.

I did have sometime to put together a menu for the week to share with you all, Here is the link WEEKLY MENU.

On a good note I think the not exercising worked to stimulate ovulation as I went from a 98.5 Basel temp on workout day 17 (11/17/15)  to 97.6 on workout day 18 (11/18/15). However, i won't know for sure until i get my blood test done on day 21 of my cycle. Here hoping I get pregnant, otherwise my dose of Clomid will be increased again next month!
Orange is Oct 2015 and Blue is Nov 2015

Here are my non workout stats (in-case you all were wondering):

Day 16- (11/16/15)
52 Resting HR
4,967 steps
2.08 miles
1,712 Calories burned
15 floors
98.1 Basel temp
98/54 blood pressure
50 HR

Day 17-(11/17/15)
51 Resting HR
4,040 steps
1.68 miles
1,724 Calories burned
10 floors
98.5 Basel temp
103/52 blood pressure
46 HR

I am looking forward to getting back to exercising on day 18...I will be doing PIYO Hardcore on the floor. Hope you will join me.

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